Roasting coffee at home: the complete guide

One of the best ways to expect fresh coffee is to grill it yourself, and when you roast coffee at home, you make sure that every cup of coffee you make is fresh and, with a little practice, you can make sure it is roasted exactly to your taste. Although you can always go to the local coffee shop or roaster and find this type of coffee, why not roast it yourself so you can start creating great cups of coffee at home? To roast coffee at home, you will need a few utensils and a source of green coffee, and it is also important to understand the process from start to finish to better determine how your roasting can impact the flavours of your coffee. What is coffee and why do we roast it? Coffee is actually a small red fruit that has to go through many steps before reaching your cup every morning. First, the coffee is treated to remove the outer skin, pulp and skin from the inner core, and once this operation is complete, the inner seed, also called the coffee bean, is dried. When it is dried, it becomes the green coffee bean


In mid-June, we left for a few days for Nantucket, an island off Cape Cod. Four days in a very small place from which we came back with lots of pictures and great memories. So I wanted to concoct several articles dedicated to this island that excited me. This is the first part of the saga: Nantucket Town. It was once the capital of the world (if, if), when whalers filled the harbour and made the wealth of this very small place. It was the atmosphere of the city that inspired Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. He had never set foot there before writing his book. We left Boston on Saturday around noon; to get to Nantucket we had opted for a not very romantic solution: flying. Only half an hour between Boston and Nantucket (with the cutest airport in the world as a bonus). THE HISTORIC CITY CENTRE the historic city centre, the library, Nantucket Town, it’s rather chic, even very very chic. Everything is clean, clean and square, sometimes even confusing. Public waste bins provide for selective sorting – in pretty barrels to go well with the seaside décor. In the past, the closer the houses